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We walk the road to recovery together

Following the devastating tornadoes of March 31, we are inspired by all of you who have responded to our neighbors in need.

I am especially proud of John and Andrea, our construction duo, who were on-site immediately, chainsaws in hand, and Craig, our ReStore manager, who joined them and said “Put me on the most labor-intensive job you’ve got.” Thank you to the churches, individuals, and companies who have cleaned debris, supplied food, water, and clothes or made financial contributions to the effort.

We have reached out to all our Habitat homeowners and it appears only one – one! – was impacted by the storm. What a blessing. We have been in touch with Habitat International’s Disaster Relief office and appreciate their guidance on how we can best contribute to what will be the long road ahead.

Meanwhile, we have three homes under construction and another should be underway by the time you read this. On April 27th, we will have a formal blessing of the property on which we will construct our United Methodist Apostle’s Build, fully funded by area Methodist churches and the United Methodist Foundation.

The recent tragedy galvanizes us to do more, be more, give more for our community, as I know it does you. Central Arkansas, we will walk this road together.

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