Individuals & Groups

Volunteers are our lifeblood.


Without your time and skills, Habitat would not be able to serve our wonderful partner families by providing a hand up.


You don’t have to be part of a group or team to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas. Each individual volunteer plays an essential role in achieving our mission of building homes, communities and hope.


Join our team of more than 10,000 volunteers that help us build and repair homes, strengthen and revitalize communities, and support a more sustainable environment. 

Groups and Teams

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas is a unique and rewarding team-building opportunity. It brings people from across an organization together to work on a tangible product – a home for a deserving, low-income family.


As a group, you’ll learn practical skills along the way and have the chance to actively communicate in a hands-on project. Constructing a house for a Habitat family is about more than just building a home, it’s about building community.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas is proud to provide opportunities to our future leaders to learn and engage in community-building activities. Due to safety concerns and child labor laws, children under 16 are not allowed on active construction sites, but there are still plenty of ways for them to get involved with our mission.

Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas' Minor Volunteer Policies:

  • Under 18: will not be able to use power tools, participate in any roofing, and participating in other hazardous construction activities (such as driving motorized vehicles). Each minor under the age of 16 must be supervised on a ratio of 1:5.

  • Aged 16 and 17: restricted from climbing ladders and are limited to hand tools. This is the only age group permitted on active construction sites.

  • Aged 14 and 15: able to help clear lots/job sites (deconstruction), clean-up work around the inactive construction sites, painting and landscaping​

    • Restricted to inactive construction sites.​

  • Aged 13 and younger: able to volunteer for our affiliate only on specific activities created for children​

    • Restricted to inactive construction sites.​

    • Example activities: painting decorative items for homebuyers, planting flowers, etc. as long as all activity is performed under appropriate adult supervision


Policy Definitions:

  • Active construction site: a site where power tools are being used and work is being done 6 feet or higher from the ground

  • Inactive construction site: a site become inactive when the certified competent safety person declares it as such (including a full stop of the power tools work and safe storage of all tools)

Be a Sponsor

Habitat homes are built through the generosity of our donors and volunteers. The building materials are purchased with financial support from corporate, community and faith-based partners. As a sponsor, your team or corporation gets priority in volunteer scheduling.


See our Sponsorship page for more information.


Have questions? Email us!

Types of Volunteer Opportunities



It takes individuals, leaders, and groups like you, who are willing to give a day, a month, or several days a year to help turn a truck load of construction materials into a new home for a deserving family.

Building a home alongside other volunteers and partner families is a great way to be part of something bigger.

Opportunities are available at the construction site; however, availability is limited and priority is given to volunteers linked with a sponsor group.

Volunteers generally participate in construction Monday through Saturday starting at 8:30 am, and no construction experience is necessary. Volunteers will be trained on-site to perform various tasks including framing walls, raising trusses, decking or shingling roofs, installing siding, or landscaping, to name a few.


Neighborhood Revitalization

We can serve more families by responding to community needs with an expanded array of products, services, and partnerships, enhancing the quality of life for all.

Neighborhood Revitalization efforts include:

  • Exterior work performed to alleviate critical health, life, and safety issues or code violations

  • Accessibility modifications like ramps, door modifications

  • Roof and porch repair

  • Weatherization and home preservation

Volunteers participate in projects throughout the week starting at 8:30am. Volunteers are trained on-site to perform various tasks including light landscaping, painting, building accessibility ramps, etc.


Habitat ReStore

The proceeds from the ReStore sales directly impact our  home building efforts and ability to buy materials to complete the electrical, plumbing or roofing. Additionally, every item purchased at one of our ReStores is an item kept out of a landfill.

Volunteers can serve at either ReStore location and help in areas of staging and design, item unloading, store upkeep, and etc. Your work helps our staff create an inviting and welcoming shopping experience. Volunteers may be responsible for, but not limited to the following:

  • Organizing clothing racks and displays

  • Staging attractive displays

  • Re-stocking 

  • Cleaning and/or shining items​

Volunteers generally participate from Tuesdays through Saturdays starting at 9:30 am. 


Special Volunteer Team:

Over the Hill Gang

The Over the Hill (OTH) Gang is a group of committed, retired Habitat volunteers who prefabricate our homes at our South University offices. 

No prior construction experience is necessary! All materials are built on tables with nail guns and table saws, therefore very easy on the knees and back. Volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes and wear work clothes.

OTH Gang volunteers serve Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 am to 12 pm. 

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