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'Tis the season of thanksgiving and we are thankful for you!

We are thankful for your volunteer time, your donations to the ReStore, your shopping at the ReStore, your financial gifts, your cheerleading for us, and always for your prayers. To kick off the season of thanksgiving, will host A Gratitude Gathering at the Governor’s Mansion on November 15th. This is a fundraiser where we give thanks for those who have played key roles in growing our organization and share the stories of recent homebuyers.

As I type, we are making progress on home #233 and our homebuyer and her family are working toward their sweat equity requirement. It is very possible they will celebrate New Year’s Eve (if not Christmas) in their new home. We have prepped two more lots in the Baring Cross neighborhood and expect to see pads poured any day. It’s never dull around here. We laugh a lot in staff meetings and enjoy each other’s company. That’s just one more thing I am thankful for. Here’s wishing you and yours a great start to this most special of seasons.

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