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$60k in 60 Days

Help us raise $60,000 by June 30 to make this our most impactful fiscal year ever!

This fiscal year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024), Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas had an ambitious construction goal of closing on 10 homes by June 30, meaning 10 new families would be living under roofs of their very own, building strength, stability and self-reliance.

We have done it with two months to spare!

Now, with your support, we have an opportunity to soar past that goal!

Because of unique situations, we own two homes that need a little love (well, one needs a LOT of love). We can remodel these homes and put deserving families in them for significantly less money and in less time than two new builds. And we believe we can do it by June 30, our fiscal year-end.

Our financial need for these two projects is $100,000.

The best part?

We have already secured a lead gift of $40,000! That means we need to raise $60,000 in 60 days. We KNOW we can do this because of friends and supporters like you who share our commitment to “building homes, communities and hope.”

Won’t you join us in this push for $60k in 60 days?

Remember, decent, affordable housing improves not only economic outcomes of these families, but also improves the education, health, social and civic outcomes for them as well.

Your gift is an investment in these families, our neighborhoods, and our community for generations to come.

The goal is BIG, but the pay-off is bigger! Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

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