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Final Porter Cove Walls are Up!

On September 12th, Terri along with a group of volunteers, Habitat homeowners, and staff raised the walls on her Porter Cove home!

Terri's home is the 9th and final Porter Cove home. We're so excited as we near the finish line on Habitat's most ambitious project yet.

Planning started in 2017 and Construction started in December 2019

Porter Cove is classified as a Pocket Community—a thoughtfully designed group of smaller residences around a common area, such as a park. By grouping neighboring homes around a communal space, we hope to create a shared sense of stewardship and foster closer relationships between neighbors. It is through strategic partnerships, planning, and hard work that we have been able to help these nine individuals and families build a better future!

How Can I Get Involved?

By December 31st of this year, Habitat will have built over 10 homes2 of which still need to be built!

Due to COVID-19, we have updated our personal safety procedures and all volunteer opportunities are first-come, first-serve.

If you'd like to volunteer, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter and complete a volunteer form.

If a job site isn't for you, donate today! We've partnered with the Windgate Foundation for a $25,000 Challenge Grant! Every new or increased gift, the Windgate Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar.

Give today to help individuals and families build a better future!

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