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Upcycled Solar Chandelier

This column originally appeared in the July 2017 issue of Savvy Magazine.


Lazy summer days and lilting evenings draw us outside to spend time with our families and friends, grilling and watching the kids catch fireflies. Those long days inevitably bring about a degree of boredom that, in my opinion, is a great thing. Boredom forces kids to think of creative ways to fill the time, and for my kids, working on fun crafts together is part of the boredom cure—especially if hot glue guns are involved.

Everyone is conscious of reusing, recycling and using renewable energy, so we thought of creating a solar garden light by upcycling an old chandelier. We couldn’t have been happier with the results! It puts off a lovely glow when the sun goes down, and keeps us outside just a little longer.

To find our old chandelier we went to the Habitat ReStore, where all donations and purchases help build homes for people right here in Central Arkansas! Here’s what we used and how we created our project:


• Used chandelier from the Habitat ReStore • Solar pathway lights from Target (I found these on sale!) • Hot glue gun and glue sticks • White spray paint • White chalk paint


1. Wash chandelier with soapy water so you’ll have a clean working surface. Let it dry. 2. Spray paint chandelier with your favorite color (we like all-white décor when it’s out of reach of sticky hands, as this will be!) 3. Remove the pole portion of the solar lights, so that only the solar bulb remains. 4. Hot glue the inside of the chandelier right where the light bulb would normally go. Place the solar light inside, making sure it sticks to the hot glue. 5. Wait a few minutes for it to dry, and take your chalk paint (or whatever acrylic paint you’d like to use) and paint over any metal portions, or any part you want to be the same color as the chandelier. 6. Let it dry, and then hang it outside so the bulb gathers the needed solar energy. Watch as the soft light slowly appears when the sun sets! Lovely!

Visit either Habitat ReStore at 6700 S. University in Little Rock, or 2657 Pike Avenue in North Little Rock to find similar items! And if you have used appliances or furniture to donate, we'll pick it up for free! Call 501-771-9494 and we'll pick it up. All donations are tax-deductible.

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