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Calling all artists!

It's almost time for ReStore & After 2017! We are so excited about this year's event and can't wait to see what beautiful pieces our friends and neighbors make from Habitat ReStore items. Past participants who have created incredibly beautiful items include Todd Crites, Wes McHan, Joe Warren, Anna Dickinson, Tyler Arnold, and Chris Penn.

We are looking for talented artists or crafty DIYers who love art, fun, music, friends, cocktails, AND building homes for people in need to help us with our auction items! Will you help?

Items from our ReStores are NOT required for participation. If you create amazing pottery or build beautiful garden planters and have something to donate - we'd love to have it! The sky is the limit. We'd just love to know what you are bringing!

For those choosing to secure an item to repurpose from the ReStore, here's what you need to know:

1) The purpose of ReStore & After is to auction off items that have been procured in the Habitat ReStores and upcycled or repurposed into beautiful home decor pieces. We have been delighted with unique pieces ranging from tables and painting, to shelving and jewelry made from ReStore items. There is no limit to what you can create!

We have two locations from where you may choose your items - 6700 S. University Avenue in Little Rock and 2657 Pike Avenue in North Little Rock.

2) Any ReStore item is free of charge to you. All we ask is that you return our Artist Voucher so we can keep track of auction items. Please email developmentdirector@habitatcentralar.org to request an artist voucher!

3) Present your voucher at the ReStore, then shop for your next masterpiece! Take a before and after picture of your item. When you turn your item in, we'll ask that you estimate the value and leave a card or contact information, and tell us about the upcycle process for your item!

4) We can accept donation items from Monday, August 21 at 2:00pm through Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

Your donated item is tax-deductible, too.

The best part is that every dollar raised at ReStore & After will go to build a home for a hard-working person in need of adequate housing. Every one deserves a place to call home, and we're grateful for your partnership in making affordable housing a matter of conscience for all.

If you want to aren't donating an auction item, you can get your tickets to ReStore & After here!

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