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HYP Spotlight on Velvet Hall

Photo Cred: Amanda Cassidy

Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas relies heavily on the work of our Habitat Young Professionals. These young and energetic folks bring fresh ideas, new energy, and a lot of fun to every event, and we are grateful for them. We want to take a moment to recognize one of our HYP members, Velvet Hall, who came on board almost two years ago and has added strategy, organization, and joy to the group. She wrote about her journey with Habitat below - enjoy!

My name is Velvet Hall. I am an extremely organized but down to earth marketer. I love hanging out with my husband and our rescue dog, Sully, as well as traveling whenever possible. I moved to Little Rock nearly three years ago from Reading, Pennsylvania, after finishing my advertising degree at Harding University. Currently, I am a Marketing Coordinator for Group Five West Marketing and Advertising.

I grew up lucky. My father was mostly a self-taught man who knew how to use his hands to transform our run down house into a livable home. I never considered us poor but looking back, we were barely middle class. However, I knew others who were not so lucky. Sometimes being a hard worker is not always enough to get you ahead in life.

My journey with Habitat for Humanity started two years ago when I attended the Restore & After Gala at the Embassy Suites, for the first time.

My husband and I were both approached by separate circles of friends to attend this event, so we knew we had to attend to see what all the talk was about.

We were both standing in the buffet line when a delightful Embassy Suite’s worker came through the line introducing himself as Horace, asking if everyone was enjoying the event and if he could do anything to help. He was so easy to talk to and you could tell he was a hard worker. We truly enjoyed talking to him and as we sat down at our seats, we overheard several others discussing how kind Horace was.

The presentation began shortly thereafter. They announced that unbeknownst to this person that an Embassy Suite’s worker, working this very event, was getting the keys to their brand new home. The announcer began to tell this person’s story, how they are a hard worker just needing a step up in life. Turns out, the keys were going to none other than the very worker we were just raving about. Horace.

The whole room fell silent.

Horace began crying. His family, who were also in attendance, joined him on the stage to surprise him.

This is where the crowd put the face, the story and the humanity behind the reason for Habitat for Humanity. It’s for hardworking, kind-hearted people like Horace.

My husband and I both joined the Habitat for Humanity’s Young Professional Board. I now help develop and market fundraising events, particularly the Restore & After Gala that got me on board to begin with.

The past two years, I have enjoyed learning that hard work combined with my marketing skills can help raise funds for a deserving family to own their own home.

Sometimes being a hard worker is not always enough to get you ahead in life but with a little help from others, it is possible.

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