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Wes McHan - ReStore & After Featured Artist

Our volunteers make Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas the vibrant, loving force that it is, and we are so thankful to count Wes McHan as one of those dedicated volunteers. An accomplished artist and DIY pro, Wes donated his stunning restorations to last year’s ReStore & After auction and enjoyed the event so much that he was moved to help all year long. A Creative Director with the advertising agency Group 5 West, Wes volunteered his design skills and brought along his entire advertising team, too! We’re thrilled that Wes is donating his artwork to ReStore & After once again. We wanted to pick his brain as we gear up for ReStore & After, so we asked him a few questions about his DIY process. Read below to learn how Wes gets inspired!

Q: How do you determine what projects you want to tackle? A: Well, not only do I donate items for ReStore & After, I use ReStore items to decorate my own home. I’ve been a customer of the Habitat ReStore for several years, and I’m inspired to work on new items piece by piece. When I look at an old table or desk and I have an instant visual of what could be done with it, I know I have found my next project.

Q: Why is it important to you to support ReStore & After? A: Last year at ReStore & After, the Habitat team surprised someone with the keys to his new house. The homeowner was crying and hugging everyone, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was amazing to witness someone’s life being changed right in front of our eyes! I knew that my donated artwork helped someone just like him get into his or her first home. It’s very special to get to see the immediate impact of your donations.

Q: Why is restoring unwanted items of interest to you? A: New items are great of course, but it’s a satisfying feeling to take an old discarded table, chair or some other item and completely change the appearance. Using it again and keeping it out of a landfill saves money and is also environmentally friendly.

Q: How long have you created your own home decor pieces? A: Since I was a kid. I started painting on rocks and giving them as Christmas gifts! I wonder if my mom still has any of those lying around. Mom?

Q: If you had unlimited resources, what would be your dream DIY project? A: That’s a hard one! I love old houses, so maybe I’d take an old house that is falling down and restore it to its former beauty. I’d use as many salvage pieces as possible. For me, all projects big or small are fun and challenging.

Thank you, Wes! We are so happy that you are part of the Habitat family!

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